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Virtual Membership

Are you a baptized believer that has not found a solid Bible believing and teaching 


Are you one who has a desire to increase your knowledge of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, perhaps on a seminary level, but have never had the opportunity? 

Are you one who has a thirst to be emboldened in the heart and empowered in the mind in order to engage your sphere of influence for Christ, but have not found the right fellowship that offers that for you? 

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Please consider becoming a virtual member with us at Fisherman's Paradise! As an virtual member you will: 

  • Become a member of a family that will seek to get to know you personally and will pray for your growth and well being daily, as well as specific prayer requests that you would make known to us. 

  • Have access to all of the teaching lessons and other materials in the present, future, and past as we upload them. 

  • Have learning opportunities on a Bible College and Seminary level to become proficient in the areas of: 

    • Bible - Old and New Testament​

    • Theology 

    • Pneumatology 

    • Soteriology 

    • Apologetics 

    • Hermeneutics 

    • Evangelism 

    • Christian Philosophy and Worldview 

  • Have access to the Pastors at Fisherman's Paradise for: 

    • Clarification regarding theological matters and all other teaching matters. 

    • Soul care within the scope of our resources. 

    • Daily intercessory prayer for your personal growth and well being. 

    • Offering observations and suggestions as to how Fisherman's Paradise can more effectively advance the gospel of Christ. 

  • By becoming a virtual member you will be making a pledge to Christ that you will

    • Pray for the ministry to be Christ honoring and glorifying. ​

    • Pray that God will open the doors of opportunity for you to lead a lost person to Christ. 

    • Support the ministry financially within the scope of your resources. 

    • Will seek to participate in the Christian education opportunities in order to increase your effectiveness in advancing the gospel. 

To become a virtual member, please completely fill out the registration form here on the website  Please give us your shirt size so that we may send to you a complimentary Fisherman's paradise T-Shirt. Please choose black or white

Please complete the registration below to become a virtual member!

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