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Senior Pastor 

Dan McDonald


   Pastor Dan and His wife Becky have been married for over thirty years and have five children; Jessie, Doc, Katie, Danny, and John McDonald.

   Pastor Dan earned his BSL from the Louisville Bible College in 2013, his MA in Christian Philosophy and Apologetics from Trinity Theological Seminary in 2016, and His E.D.D. from Newburg Theological in 2020. Pastor Dan and is currently seeking a PhD in Biblical Archaeology.

Lead Pastor

 Daniel Strickler

Daniels Graduation-60.jpg

   Pastor Daniel and his wife have been married for fourteen years and have three children; Erica Elkins, Evan Hendrix, and Seth Strickler. 

   Pastor Daniel is currently in his last semester of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Theology & Apologetics from Trinity Theological College & Seminary. 

The Praise Team

Daniels Graduation-03.jpg

  The members of our Praise Team come from different musical backgrounds; Some are classically trained, and some are self taught. The praise team members have several years of experience inside and outside of the church. 

L to R: Danny McDonald, Becky McDonald, Doc McDonald. 

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